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massage therapy

December 17, 2003

Had a decent day today at work, which is rare. I actually had some appointments to show apartments and rented one. I left work at 4:00 for my monthly massage therapy session. I love my massage therapist, Kim, she’s really nice and gives a great massage. I feel like I deserve to pamper myself once a month like this and I feel like it is good for my body and stress levels. I highly recommend it. I guess if I’m going to have an addiction, massage therapy isnt a bad one to have.
Kim is actually the person who found our wedding officiant for Dave and I. I was complaining to her one day that I couldnt find the right person and she had heard from her best friend (who is also a massage therapist) that he has a client that does Jewish weddings. Dave and I adored Jess from the moment we met her and the rest is history. Anyone who was at the wedding would tell you she did an amazing job as our officiant. It is amazing sometimes how you meet people.
Now I am home, relaxed and need to figure out dinner for tonight. Not bad for a day in the life of Liz.