Cher saves Chanukkah

December 19, 2003

Today was my last day of work until January 3rd. I feel stress free because of that, and the fact that I just got paid on two rentals that I did. We left the office at about 1:30 today and I immidiately started grocery shopping for the Chanukkah party this Sunday. I had my friend Jenni overnight bagels from my beloved NYC, I bought the ingredients for my delicious latkes. Bought nova lox, Gus’ pickles and smoked whitefish. All day today I was trying to remember the prayer over the menorah candles. I kept confusing it with the prayer for the wine, the meal blessing and the Shabbos blessing, all of which I only know from memory (strangely enough). Finally I remembered it and the word that helps me get from the place I keep getting stuck at is CHER. So now I just have to remember CHER to complete my Jewess duties over the menorah.

And that is how Cher saved Chanukkah.

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