Off to the land of cheese

December 23, 2003

Today, we leave for Milwaukee to spend Christmas with Dave’s family, we’ll also see some good friends while we’re there. I am armed for my journey with Ativan, books and the iPod. In the last few years my fear of flying has gotten so bad that I started taking Ativan last March whenever I would have to get on a plane. Let me tell you.. and this is coming from someone who hates to take even antibiotics.. Ativan is my savior. Flying is a much calmer experience for me now, and I am grateful for that.
We’ve been working on wedding pictures.. they take alot of time since we’re doing them ourselves, so those of you waiting, be patient, they’re coming soon.
The Chanukkah party was great, the food and the company were great!
I think that is it for now.. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in the next few days, then it is back to Boston on Sunday morning. The kitties will be glad to have us home, even if we did leave them with the best house sitter in the world.

Until then…. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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