Changes in Store

January 5, 2004

My Birthday. It always invokes such emotional response from my inner voices. With this birthday coming in a week, all I want is for things to move toward a goal. This requires quite an upheaval in our lives.

First and foremost, it requires us to find jobs in Milwaukee. Dave and I are both smart, hardworking people, but the economy sucks and we’re jumping into the employment pool head first. The water is quite cold, but we remain confident.

Since we’re looking for jobs, it is comprehendable that one of us may find one, which would mean moving to Milwaukee in a short period of time. Looking around this house makes me want to cry at the thought of throwing everything haphazardly into boxes and racing out there. We have alot of stuff. We’ve decided that we need to start going through our things and maybe even packing up a little for what is to come.

I truely believe we are making the right decision. I adore my friends here in Boston, but I am just not happy in Boston anymore. This isnt where I want to be. The price of housing alone is enough to drive me straight out of this city. It is very expensive to live here. We make a decent living, pretty damn good, I’d say good enough to buy a house and raise a family, but only if we lived somewhere else.

Now that we’ve made the decision, I’m impatient. It is no secret that I really hate my job. I get physically ill going in to the office. Coming from a job I loved (for the most part), this is pretty hard on me. My life and my husband are wonderful, my job is the blackness that seems to shroud everything else (and this is from someone who really loves to work). All I can do is recite my mantra of “soon it will be over”.

We’re looking forward to getting new jobs and moving toward the future.. you’ll just have to bear with my frustration for now.

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