running with scissors

January 14, 2004

So I did it. I cut off my hair. It is a little shorter than shoulder length and I love it! It feels really strange having short hair.. well short for me anyway. I keep reaching up to touch it and it is just.. short.

I have managed to change my name almost everywhere I needed to. Just a couple things left and then everything will be in my new, really long, hyphenated name. I had to sign my new signature a few times for my bank account today and I’m just still not used to it. It’s long.

I found a posting for a job I really really want. I applied for it through their website and sent in a hard copy. This job is right up my alley and I really hope they contact me. The job search is frustrating, but when you see a job that should absolutely be yours, it is even more so. **fingers crossed**

It is painfully cold outside. So cold that my tiny office with no insulation couldnt heat up. It was a balmy 50 degrees in there. It should be illegal to work in those conditions. I was wearing my gloves inside.. but luckily we left early.

I’m off to see what I’m going to cook for dinner tonight for my husband!

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