January 21, 2004

Well some of my sleuth work has been useful. Today I got a call from someone at Potawatomi.. not the person I needed, but someone willing to help me. He forwarded my email to the GM and the hiring manager and gave me the direct phone number to the hiring manager. I’m hoping that I get to speak to someone soon, I’m ready to fly to Milwaukee for an interview. I dont want to be a pest, but I dont want to be passed over either. I hope I’m pursuing this in a non-offensive manner. I also have a potential interview with someone else for a completely different job, but I’ll know about that in a day or two.

Dave and I didnt have any hot water for 4 days. We were quite pleased when they came to give us a working water heater yesterday. We were finally able to wash our dishes and clothes and shower in our own shower. Luckily our friend Beth let us go to her place to shower.

We went to see Gomez, one of my favorite bands, on Monday night. I rarely go to shows anymore, but they are special. I really enjoy seeing them and have never been dissapointed. They only come around every few years, I am grateful to my husband for buying the tickets for me.

Here’s to hoping there is a ticket to Milwaukee in my near future.

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