up up and away

January 24, 2004

So I have three meetings in Milwaukee. I’m flying there on Thursday and will be there through Tuesday. These three meetings do not include anything with Potawatomi.. but I’m working on that. The worst part will be being away from my husband for 6 days. We havent been apart for any length of time in two years. I’m not fond of being away from him.

I sat my boss down and told her what was going on. She was actually (surprisingly) very supportive. How can you really argue with people who want to take steps to move forward in their lives? I was very nervous about telling her, but it all turned out ok. I’m feeling much calmer just knowing everything is out in the open about Dave and I (hopefully) moving to Milwaukee.

Saturday. Its a work day for me. I still work 6 days a week. I hate that. It would be different if it was a job I liked.

Off to work I go….

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