January 28, 2004

I leave in the morning for Milwaukee. I have an interview tomorrow at 3:30 and some phone calls to make to set times for at least two other things. I am excited. Nervous. Worried. Anticipatory. Impatient. This is a big change. A change that both Dave and I want. I want Dave to be happy and excited to get a new job. Of course I also want him to find something great, in his field. We both agree that taking a step down to go forward is not the right thing to do. My fingers are crossed for the both of us.

Being away from Dave for five days is going to be brutal.

Work at the rental mines has picked up a tiny bit, meaning I’ve made a little bit of money for the first time in a month and a half. That stretch was brutal, luckily I was prepared for it. Seems as though the drought may be getting better over there. I still cant wait to not have that job anymore.

I’ve packed my bags. Got my ativan for flying. The only thing I’ll be missing is my wonderful husband.

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