an ego boost

February 8, 2004

I received a call from someone who wants me to come in and interview for a marketing/PR position in Milwaukee. The Zilli Family owns Coast Restaurant, a very busy catering company and an inn in Waukesha.. amongst other things. Seems to be a good possibility and I really liked what he had to say to me on the phone.

I’m flying to Milwaukee again on Thursday for a Friday the 13th interview. I’m working on a powerpoint presentation because they want to see some details about the things I have done. Not a problem. I’ll just fudge my way through a program I’ve never used and put it together. So far it seems pretty easy though. I’m just putting information on the slides and putting them together. I’ll figure it all out before I fly out.

I’m still feeling impatient, but this call for an interview was quite uplifting. I need to just chill out and start concentrating on packing things we arent using. It could come down to a fast move for me and I dont just want to leave Dave to take care of everything. I’ve pulled alot of stuff off the shelves.. I’m working on going through them and packing them up. It’s a good start.

Coffee is ready and I sure could use some…

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