wednesday blues

February 18, 2004

Had dinner with some friends last night. Today is going to be a long day at work. I’m anxious to find something new because I just cant go to this job anymore. I go there every day, and I dont make a dime. I havent made any money in a couple of weeks and before that it was a month. I realize that we’re in the slow season, but this is getting crazy. If things dont pick up soon, I’m going to have to get something else here to supplement my income. Those are the joys of working on commission. Sometimes I wish Dave and I would have just eloped instead of paying for a big wedding. I could use that money right about now. Dont get me wrong.. the wedding was wonderful.. but it sure was expensive.
I’m feeling unsettled with everything going on. Trying to be patient, but it is hard. I just want to be settled with my wonderful husband and have jobs we like. I know we’re working hard at it, but it is just unsettling living in limbo.

Well thats it for today’s venting session. Time for coffee.

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