the long and winding road

February 24, 2004

We had a great weekend. Spent it in Providence, Rhode Island socializing with friends from Canada, Philadelphia, NYC, Ohio, etc. It was great to see so many friends in one place.

Still chugging away at the job with no monetary results. I’m hoping that at least one of my upcoming appointments is fruitful.

Still havent heard anything about the 3 jobs in Milwaukee. It is still too early for two of them, but I feel like I didnt get the one at the restaurant considering I havent heard a word from them. I figure if I flew in for it, the least they could do is call me and let me know. I guess not. I’m going to keep an eye out to see if they end up stealing my ideas that I sent them in the supplemental documents from the interview.

So we’re just plugging along here in Boston.. hoping to get this move going. Our friend Jen from Canada is coming to visit on Saturday for a week. It is a good thing she knows some friends here because Dave and I both have to work alot. She says she’s not worried about it.

Think good thoughts for the employment goals of Dave and I.

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