Crunch time

March 1, 2004

Well I’m flying back to Milwaukee again on Monday. This time I’ll be interviewing with a company for one of two openings. It just so happens that this company is owned by my “contact” in Milwaukee. Lets all think good thoughts about this one.

Money is still tight and I really only have my current job for 3 more weeks. Hopefully I’ll pull off a few rentals, be offered a job and off we’ll go. Otherwise I’ll be looking for some temporary work here in Boston. I did get a call about some interesting temp work here, we’re playing phone tag right now, but I’m looking into it just in case.

Our friend Jen is visiting us this week from Canada, She’s been off wandering around Boston and having fun while Dave and I work all day. She seems to be having a great time, and it certainly doesnt hurt that the weather here has been amazing since she arrived on Saturday.

Well.. I should go make some dinner for all of us. Keep thinking those positive thoughts for us!!

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