She’s Alive!

March 30, 2004

Havent felt like posting because there hasnt been news.. but today there is news! I got a call that the company I want to work for wants me to come in for a second interview. They want it to be a face to face interview and will let me know tomorrow when the appointment is for so I can make flight arrangements and such. Very good news for me!

Dave and I are hoping to get to NYC this weekend to visit with friends and so we can spend time in the place I still call home. I miss my NYC but also dont want to live there again. I do love that city but it gets to be too much when you’re there all the time. I cant wait to see my friends there.

We’ve been feeling very much “in limbo” and cant wait for there to be a set plan to move our lives forward. Hopefully that will be soon.

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