The bagel takes Manhattan

April 6, 2004

This weekend marked a return to New York City. It is hard to explain my comfort and ease in that crazy town, but it just feels so natural everytime I’m there. We hit my favorite haunts, frolicked with our favorite friends and ate our favorite food. We stayed with our friend Jenni and had a really great time. I know that moving to the midwest will impede on our trips to NYC, but we’ll just have to make more of an effort in the future. I sure do love that city ‘o mine.

In other news … I fixed the disaster formally known as the apartment rental from hell. All sides are happy except for the girl who bounced the check and is having Grand Larceny charges filed against her.. but thats not my problem, its hers. I’m in the clear and everything worked out for the people who it needed to work out for. This has been a great source of stress for me in the last few weeks so I’m thankful it is cleared up.

I’m waiting on an offer for the job I want in Milwaukee. I got peeps from two VERY WELL INFORMED birds that the job will be offered to me. I am quite happy and excited about this and anticipate the offer. I know it is Passover this week and may not hear anything until next week (especially because this is a mainly jewish organization), but I at least know it is coming. Perhaps there shall be a celebration in my honor? A princess can only hope.

I’ll let you know when I get the actual offer.

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