post pesach

April 14, 2004

I know. I’m waiting too. Now that Passover is over, I’m hoping to hear something soon. As soon as I hear, the whole lot of you will know.

Poor Dave has been sick for days. He was sent home from work yesterday and today he slept until past 2:00. I hope that sleep really helped.. he seems to be feeling a bit better. In the mean time, I’m feeding him chicken noodle soup and medicine.

We’ve been making some plans for a wedding we’re attending in Philadelphia the first weekend in May. We’ve been hitting our favorite east coast cities in anticipation of our move. I’m glad we’ll be able to see so many friends in one place.

Other than that.. we’re just waiting for the word, seeing some friends, some family (Dave’s mom and dad will be in town this weekend) and working our jobs. I promise I’ll post as soon as I know something!!

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