an update

April 25, 2004

Still no word. Really now.. this is just making us crazy. I want this job. Very much. I hope I hear soon. I left a “Hey, I’m just checking in” message on thursday with no response. I know I was warned that they’re slow.. but this is really making us crazy. Everything is so up in the air. I wish I knew the secret to getting an answer.

We’re going to Philadelphia on the 30th to attend a wedding and returning to Boston on the 3rd. We’re excited for the get-away and to see many many friends. We really love Philadelphia and cant wait to hang out in our favorite spots there for a few days. Yes, I’m hoping to be celebrating a new job while we’re there too… as indicated in the above paragraph.

Otherwise, everything else is quite normal here. We’ve started going through our things to put some stuff aside for a future yard sale. We have alot of stuff and I think we can part with some of it. It still pains me to go to work everyday, but I do it because I have to. I’m working at half what I used to make now and that is painful too.

So that is the update and we’ll let you know more as the week goes on….

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