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take that you spammers!

May 14, 2004

I have been getting alot of blog spam. So every month I will now be closing the comment forums in my posts. I went back and closed them all so the spam would stop and I hope that works. Comments will be open for current entries only.

Had a third interview yesterday about the job here in Boston. I know they want to move rather quickly so I expect I’ll hear something next week. Left a message today at the Milwaukee company so who knows, maybe I’ll hear from them too.. but they do not have such a good track record of letting me know.

Went to the eye doctor and got a new years supply of lenses. Went to the girly doctor and had a full check up. All is good there too. We even started talking about future pregnancy and stuff. All stuff to think about for the next year.

Cross your fingers for me about the new job possibility. I really need it.