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I do

May 16, 2004

On this night, when the first legal gay marriages are taking place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I feel compelled to say something.

It’s about time

I know so many amazing same-sex couples that are completely committed to each other. They are human, and as humans, they desire the same things as any other humans. Committed love, a family, a home, career and the freedom to have those things. Same-sex couples, same-sex families raising children, should be allowed as humans to have the same familial rights as hetero couples and families. Why in this day and age do people want to put discrimination on our law books? There is a seperation of church and state for good reason. If your church/religious thought does not condone same-sex marriage and families, that is your right.. but dont force your beliefs on this matter on me. How dare these prejudicial groups try to block the rights of humans to commit their relationships on a legal level. Surely a same-sex couple who has been committed to each other for 40 years and raise children together should have the same marriage rights as someone like Britney Spears who marries as a joke for less than 48 hours? How dare you say that Brit’s marriage is more right than the two most amazing women I know joining together in a legal marriage full of love and commitment.

I am happy that the supreme court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has made this landmark decision. It is a step toward the basic human rights that we ALL deserve and arent receiving. I applaud the couples who took a stand and forced this decision, it was long overdue. I dont care what your religious affiliation or belief system is.. this has nothing to do with that. This has to do with humans and their right to be recognized as legally married.

Keep your religion out of my private life and the lives of so many who deserve more than they receive. These are people, wonderful people with loving hearts and intelligent minds and children and family and friends who love them. They arent deviants who are going to cause the world to spin into chaos by marrying.. they are humans like you and me. We all have different beliefs and I dont agree with yours.

It pains me so much to see the statements made by those who oppose Gay Marriage.. it is ignorant and closed minded and hateful. Whats worse, is that alot of this opposition comes from our own politicians. Hateful bigoted politicians? Thats what runs this country? I wont even get into the statements made by our horrible president who has slammed this country into a world of shame and joblessness. I am ashamed to be an American under his “leadership”. The Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has done everything possible to stop tonights legal marriages from happening.. including digging up and old law from 1913 that states that marriages can only be carried out if they are legal back in their own state, effectively preventing out of state couples from being able to wed. Shame on you Governor Romney.. shame on your ignorance and hate which does not belong in our law books or in our homes. I refuse to teach my children hatred of others because of differences and am ashamed that this is what our politicians want to preach.

Open your heart. Open your minds. Do not teach your children hatred and prejudice. Recognize that no matter the color of someones skin or their sexual preference, we are all humans and deserve basic human rights. We deserve the legal rights to protect our families and partners. Keep your law books off our bodies and out of our bedrooms.

I will wholeheartedly stand with pride at the marriages of my gay brothers, sisters, friends and loved ones. I only wish others could share this joy with us.