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lather, rinse, repeat

June 30, 2004

Things are sporadic on the job front.. submitting lots of resumes. Looking for a job is a full time job in and of itself. As of today it has been exactly 4 weeks since my lay off. I have to say that there has been lots of promising opportunities in that time that just didnt work out.. I am sure that something will. I’ve made a few new networking contacts that hopefully will lead to new employment opportunities.. just getting it all out there.

Along with the job stuff.. there has been lots of social activity. As soon as I came back from Virginia, We went to a wedding in Chicago (long planned beforehand) and saw many amazing friends, ate some great food and had a wonderful time. Tomorrow, our friend Jason is coming in from Philadelphia for a couple of days on his way to spend time with family on the cape and there is the possibility of a BBQ in Vermont for the 4th.

Onward and upward, my friends!


Didnt get that particular job..

June 25, 2004

Didnt get that particular job.. but got incredibly great feedback. There are still more things down there I’m going to go for, so not giving up.

Going to Chicago tomorrow morning and I’m exhausted.. its to bed for me!


small update

June 22, 2004

Company “A” is flying me to meet with them on their dime. Good sign that they are paying for it. I’ll be down there on Thursday and Friday. They have more than one position in mind for me.

Here is to hoping a good job is coming my way!


The wheels turns slowly

June 15, 2004

I’ve been having some great interviews. Neither of the two jobs I’m most interested in are in Boston, in fact they’re really not in any of the places we have previously considered, but we DO have friends there which helps. I’ll reveal the place (they are, coincidentally, in the same area) if anything comes through. I’m quite impressed with both of these positions. They’re both challenging and exciting. I would be happy with either one. I had a second interview with Company “R” this morning, a third is being scheduled and I should hear in the next couple of days about Company “A”, the VP said he would make the arrangements but was leaving for vacation in Europe and would have his staff take care of it.

If nothing else transpires from these two great positions, it sure has given me an ego boost. These two companies and their corresponding positions are absolutely fantastic and having multiple interviews shows me that they are considering me just as much as I am considering them. It is a nice change from the job postings I reply to that dont give you an answer at all.

I am enjoying some time off. Dave and I had a fantastic weekend out in the beautiful sunshine. Saturday we went on a six mile walk to Harvard Square and Sunday we spent the day with friends in Worcester. The only downside was my exhaust system for my car hitting the ground at 70 mph on the Mass Pike. My car is at West Cork Auto now, the best car maintenance and repair shop in all of Boston.

Tonight we have some free passes to see the new Tom Hanks movie “The Terminal” that we’re going to. We’ve been getting alot of free movie passes lately, which is great because we love to go to the movies and going to the movies for free is a bonus for us right now.

I’ll keep you posted!


The perks of being unemployed

June 8, 2004

I’m starting to enjoy having some time off. I’ve always worked, so this is new for me. I think I’m enjoying it because I know that soon (*fingers crossed*) I will be employed again and this time will end.

I have a job hunting routine in the morning… So I spend my morning job hunting and sending out resumes, coffee by my side. Today I walked to Centre Street and dropped off my suit to be dry cleaned. After that I walked over to Jamaica Pond. The pond has a 1.25 mile path around it so I thought I’d do a couple laps. I popped on my iPod and started walking. It was a beautiful hot day, which is nice after all the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having. The ducks and geese have had their babies so there were lots of baby little ducklings and geeslings all around! They were so cute!

There has been lots of cleaning of the house too.. I kinda like it. I put all of my winter clothes away and hopefully wont need them for a while.

I’ve decided that I’m going to walk to pond daily, at least 2 laps. I’ve always used time as an excuse for not exercising, and now I have lots of time… so I will walk! If anyone wants to join me, let me know!

Tomorrow I’m also going to get a library card! I read fast so buying books gets expensive, this way I can keep up with my reading habit and it will save money. Saving money is good.

OK, I’m ready to go back to work… only this time I hope it is doing something I like.


Bad day

June 2, 2004

Got laid off today. For the first time in my life I have no job.

I know I hated the job anyway.. but it was still potential income. Now I have none.

The end.


edit: next day. I’m not very upset. In fact I had a great day today. No, didnt find a job on my first day, just feel positive about the future. I have alot of experience and I’m a fantastic, hard working employee.. any company would be lucky to have me.

I really hated that job and about once a month would tell my husband that I would have to quit before I went crazy. Well the decision was made for me. I’m glad to not have to go back there.