Awaken the sleeping Lion

July 13, 2004

I know, I know. I havent written anything substantial in a while.

It has been nice having some time off. I’ve been spending some time with friends and with my wonderful husband. There has been lots of grilling on the roofdeck alone and with friends, great days spent outdoors in the sun, and some good time just laying around. Dave and I went down to Providence, Rhode Island this past Saturday just to have a little change of pace. We walked around Thayer Street and browsed through books and other delights. We found this cute store called “oop” that had the greatest furniture and arty pieces by a company called Sticks .. I fell in love with some of that stuff. We visited with a few friends there and then had dinner at a place called Kebob and Curry on Thayer Street. It was good Indian food… I’m such a critic and there would things I would change about their service and offerings, but my dish was great and the Raita was fresh and fantastic. After dinner we spent some time with some other friends in the Providence area and then went home. It was a beautiful day to spend it outside and we’d definately do it again. We’re hoping to get some canoeing on the Charles time in our schedules in the next few weeks.

The job hunting is slow, there is a lot of waiting around. I had another decent interview last week and I should hear something from them later this week. I still have a prospect with Company “R” who is trying to put together what they want their marketing department to look like, but they have let me know that they are still interested in me as soon as they figure that out. Still no offer, and nothing is final till an offer is presented and accepted. I’m still pushing along and I find stuff every day to apply to. One of these places will hire the best employee, ME!!

I promise, I’ll let you all know when I get a job.


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