Me, You and Everybody

July 23, 2004

Jobs, DNC and everything else.

Yesterday was a very interesting day job wise. All in one day.. four possibilities came calling on me. We’ll see where they lead, but four phone calls in one day is alot of action.. you know this if you’ve ever looked for a job. I’m not going to go on about the possibilities yet, but I was happy to have the attention. Still not stopping..

This whole city has been getting ready for the DNC. Trash cans and mailboxes have been removed. Flowers put in their places. Train stations closed down, transportation is confusing and crazy and we’re all being searched. Alot of people we know are taking the week off from work because they either cant get there because of all the highway closings/train closings or they just dont want to be in the middle of the craziness. Dave and I are hunkering down and braving it here in Boston. Luckily we’re in the south part of the city and most of the insanity is in the northern part.

We’ve been warned about the terrorism possibilities over and over. My PTSD doesnt need it, I’m jumpy enough as it is when I hear a loud noise or a low flying plane. I can hear many helicopters outside my window and we’re still a few days away from the beginning of hell week.

Dave will be at work all next week.. all I can do is hope that this way too obvious target is too obvious for those who wish us harm. I’ll probably be at home worrying, but that is par for the course. Paul might have to rescue me since he’ll be taking the week off and will be next door.

Not sure what our plans are this weekend.. I do know we are going to explore a little bit of Lynn, MA on sunday to see what it is like. Tonights dinner will be a giant scrumptious salad. We’re loving those salads on the hot nights.

Hey.. I’ve got a new stapler and I’m not afraid to use it.

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