Democrats and dinner

July 28, 2004

We are in the throngs of the DNC. It has actually been quite nice. The traffic is light, everything is clean. There is an occasional helicopter or fighter jet that flies overhead… but nothing too bad. There are tons of celebrities in town.. so half the fun is going out to see who you can see.. I might be doing some of that tomorrow. I better remember to bring my camera. Still no Jessamyn sightings though.

We went and explored part of the North Shore.. we started in Lynn.. but I really loved Swampscott… and especially Marblehead. Marblehead was like this quaint old New England seaside town. the “old town” portion really felt like we were back in the 1700’s. I liked it. Depending on where I’ll be working, we might take a look up there at places to live.

Speaking of working.. it’s been busy over here. The phone has been ringing, I’ve had a few interviews, and three more are scheduled. None of them are perfect.. but there is at least one, maybe two interviews I’ve been on that I wouldnt mind working for them. Everyone is taking their time, but I’m confident there will be at least one offer soon. I wish I had a contact at Harvard.. there is a great position over there. I’m still on the search, because nothing is over until an offer is accepted.

Tonight will be a home cooked dinner and a benefit show for Kerry/Edwards. Last night our friend Dave came over with some Lobsters and some corn.. it was truely a feast fit for kings and queens.

Tomorrow… more resumes, more interviews.

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