The frustration of the Job hunt

August 4, 2004

It has been almost exactly two months since I was unexpectantly laid off. The job search has been… interesting. I have had and continue to have job interviews that are all something I would want to do. I had four interviews last week and I have two this week… not to mention a couple really great ones in July (even though I didnt get those two jobs) and some flops. The pace has picked up in the last couple of weeks for sure.

Noone is on my time schedule. I want a job, I like to work. After just about every interview last week, I was told that I would be called in about two weeks for a second interview. TWO WEEKS? Some even go as far as to tell you to expect a response to a resume within four weeks. Doesnt that seem a little long? Especially when filling a vacated spot of someone who has given a two week notice… but it isnt up to me, so I wait.

I am frustrated by not hearing anything from positions I am specifically and absolutely qualified for. I dont get a response from about 85% of resumes that are sent out, including resumes sent through current employees of a company and networking contacts. I realize the job market is tight, but I really do have a great resume. I’m also a great interview. I think that my biggest problems are… A) I’m a marketing Generalist and B) people think the music business is all fun and games and dont realize that it is a serious business with serious deadlines with international implications.

Feedback? Forget it. I’ve asked for feedback from a few companies that I interviewed for and didnt get hired. All I want is to improve myself by finding out what the hired candidate had that I didnt. Nothing, nada. No responses. A couple in particular I interviewed for at least two times. One I even flew out, on my own money, the same day for a next day second interview. Nothing, no response. Not even a thank you for making a great effort to be here when we needed you to be.

I’m still in the game, and I havent given up by any means. I have an interview tomorrow for something I think I would love and something very interesting on Friday. Plus I’m still waiting on my second interview calls from some of those places from last week.

I’m just frustrated and I want to work.

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