A day off… really

October 10, 2004

The last month plus has been a whirlwind. Started a new JOB that I am absolutely thrilled with. Granted there are alot of challanges and new experiences that go along with the new venture, and though sometimes I am quite frustrated with my lack of knowledge or information on many fronts (though these things cant be helped and arent anyones fault), I am extremely happy with what I am doing. I am currently working long hours and have managed to at least have sundays off so far, I am tired. The light that I look toward when completely exhausted is the fact that these crazy hours wont be forever. We hope to open up within the next few weeks and then my schedule should be back to a more normal pace. We are excited to open and cant wait for all of Boston to share our excitement. A big thanks to my brother-in-law Chris who has been so helpful and forthcoming with advice and knowledge to help me out when I dont know the answer when I am in unfamiliar restaurant territory.

The new place in Salem is wonderful. Paul and Beth were kind enough to come over last night and bribed with beer and tacos, helped me make clear progress with the unpacking. I wanted to surprise Dave, who was away at a wedding. He worked so hard to get this whole move done and taken care of while I started a new job, that I wanted to get something done for him. It worked and my deepest thanks go to Paul and Beth for helping out. I promise you all that when we are unpacked and set up, I will take new photos so you can see our beautiful new home.

In just a little over a month Dave and I will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world… but I bet that cake top is going to taste like crap after a year in the freezer (yes Meredith, I DID move it!).

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