November 5, 2004

oh my.. it sure has been a while. All the posts have expired off my page!

I really love my job. It is wonderful to be working with great people who are smart and creative. Everything is really looking good. I’m working alot. We opened our doors this past Monday. Monday was busy but we havent been so busy since then. Understandably, our advertising hasnt really hit at all yet. It is hard not to be impatient about it, we know the potential, but I’m also trying to be realistic about the fact that people are slowly going to hear about us by word of mouth (and my internet postings) for now . My hope is that attendance will slowly increase and then when advertising starts hitting at the end of next week, running for a few weeks, that we’ll get up to where we need to be. I have no doubt that once people come and see what we have, they’ll be back for more. The systems are up and running and it really is as great as I thought it would be. You really feel like you are singing on stage professionally when you are there. I know everyone wants to be a rockstar, so come to Limelight Stage and Studios at 204 Tremont Street in the Theatre District of Boston and be a rock star!! You know you want to.

Home life is great as usual since I have the most amazing husband ever. He has been so supportive with this new job and all the hours I’ve been working. He has even come by to help out whenever needed. Our place here in Salem is wonderful and one day we’ll be unpacked.

We went to a great halloween party at our friend Leo’s house here in Salem. It was alot of fun to walk around among thousands of people dressed in costume. Some of the costumes were really amazing.

Thanksgiving is coming up so quickly.. it is one of my favorite holidays.. mostly because I love to make a huge feast and share it with friends.. I dont know who is coming this year, but there will be plenty of food. I’m excited to prepare this feast in our new home.

I promise I’ll try to update more!

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