end of the year…

December 29, 2004

I just want to start this off with some very happy news… Today my friend Andy went into remission from Hodgkins disease. I am so proud of him and how he fought his way through this. Andy is 24 and an amazing person. The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a story about him here you just have to sign up for the free membership to read it.

I suppose I should recap the year in this post. We started out trying to move to the midwest, we were so close, but fate kept us here. We found a beautiful place in Salem that we really like alot, living on the ocean in New England is beautiful and it made me love the NorthEast more.

I was laid off in June, found a job in August and was laid off again in December .. Lets not have a repeat of that in 2005, thanks. I start an interesting new job in the publishing business next week. My office is on the beach and has an ocean view.

We saw many wonderful friends get married this year. Such beautiful celebrations of love and all so unique. We were so happy to be a part of all of that. A couple friends got engaged on Christmas day as well. We are very happy and excited for them and I will be helping to plan the wedding! I suspect that 2005 will start the expansion of families… including the fact that Michelle, our sister in law, is due to give birth on Dave’s birthday in February!

Dave and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We ate the cake top and it wasnt so bad. I have the most amazing husband and I adore everything about him. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world and he made my year extraordinary no matter what else was going on.

Onward to 2005! This will be a GREAT year!

One of these days my cousin Sean and I will finally see each other for maybe the first time ever .. I promise Sean Polay! I know you’re just as busy as I have been! Perhaps in 2005 😉

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