The Bubblegum Years

February 4, 2005

I’ll say it again. I love my new job. I know when I’m supposed to be there. I know when I’m supposed to leave. I have an actual hour long break for lunch or whatever. My job duties are clear. I have weekends off, holidays off. When I go home, my job doesnt come with me. Stress levels are low but I am always busy and never bored with my work. Dave and I are on the same schedule so my time off and his time off are the same. I have 2 windows in my office, one of which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and I can see 2 lighthouses. I can also walk to many many cute little seaside town shops and restaurants.

I love it

Things are exciting over here.. lots of great things going on for both me and my amazing husband… you’ll find out about them when we’re ready to spill the beans. In the mean time, send especially good thoughts of luck toward Dave.

This weekend will once again be spent with friends. Paul’s Mum and Dad are over from Wales and Beth just informed me that we’re having an italian feast tomorrow evening at their place! Yum! I always look forward to seeing Margaret and Chris when they come over, we adore them and their lovely company.

Sunday is the Superbowl.. we’ll be watching a movie and snuggling on the couch with the furry kittens.

There is a 3-day weekend this month.. we’re thinking NYC. Who wants bagels?

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