Whole Foods

February 19, 2005

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I am a food geek. I seek out the gourmet grocers and I savor the smells and the taste of the freshest foods.
This week Whole Foods opened up on the North Shore. I’ve been waiting for this. Granted, I’ve been in plenty of Whole Foods stores in my day… Houston, Austin, NYC, but needless to say, when I walked into this one, I got a little teary (I told you I was a food geek).
The fruits and veggies were exquisite in both their freshness and presentation. The seafood was so incredibly fresh. Everything looked fabulous.
Thursday night I made a Cioppino with fresh cod and shrimp and mussels over roasted garlic fettuccini. It was amazing. Last night I made some lamb that had been marinated in mint and rosemary with a steamed artichoke. Tonight will be Tuscan Chicken and saffron jasmine rice.
Maybe I’ll start posting the recipes for my food in here soon.

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