another day at the office

April 25, 2005

another day at the office
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I never get tired of the views. Sorry I havent posted. Life is good. The job is amazing. My husband is wonderful.

Its that time of year when I dont know how to dress. One day it is cold the next it is 80 degrees. Last week was crazy. Wednesday I had a suit jacket over a tanktop and it ended up being summer weather for that day. I didnt really want to take off the jacket because I was shooting a segment with WHDH-7 NBC and it was quite a business situation so I roasted. Today.. 3/4 sleeve dress shirt and business casual pants and its FREEZING. Cant really complain, at least it isnt snowing.

With some help from a friend I started up my work blog in the last couple of weeks. Everyone seems quite pleased with it even at this beginning stage. I am enjoying it as well.

I’m swamped at the job.. so forgive me if posts are dwindling.. I’ll try better.

This weekend we head to the Cape to meet a cousin. With the weather getting better, the weekends are going to start getting busy too! Two weeks ago we had all the Canadians over because our friend Rachel ran The Boston Marathon. She was amazing and ran it in 3:42. She was in the top 19% of all the women who ran. Who feels shlubby now?

Happy Passover! Time to make dinner!

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