so long, friend kthx

July 12, 2005

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My friend Keith Alexander died last night in a cycling accident in Brooklyn.

Keith has always been an amazing individual. A rock star, an educator, an honest and intelligent individual who always spoke his mind and followed his heart. He was a mentor who helped me believe in myself professionally and even personally during some times of struggle last year.

Keith never failed to amaze me and amuse me.

Keith and I were writing a book.. or rather.. he was writing a book, and I was collaborating with him on certain aspects and getting it published. I have notes and emails (but we were just starting the process, so no actual book was written yet) but now I fear his idea will not flourish without him. I am not so much concerned with this, as I am with the loss of my friend.

Keith lived his life to the absolute fullest. He was always on the quest to learn new things and to excel at them. He died while participating in one of his great passions, cycling.

Ah Keith, you will be missed. Very very much.

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Photo by Jerome Abramovitch. Used by permission.

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