Off the baby topic for a moment and on to WEATHER

December 5, 2005

More specifically the mystery dissapearence of Todd Gross, (seemingly) Former Chief Meteorologist for WHDH channel 7. He was literally just suddenly stripped from the newscast and the website.

I know Dave blogged about it already.. but I just wanted to say… I already miss you, Todd Gross!

I dont need my meteorologists to be hip, young and good looking (sorry Todd, no offense!) .. I need them to know what they are talking about. I need them to be passionate about their craft.. and THAT my friends, was Todd Gross. I didnt even watch another weathercast.. all I wanted was Todd and his flowy arrows to tell me how I needed to dress for the next 7 days.

21 years at WHDH, he even had someone play him in the movie “The Perfect Storm” .. because of course, Todd is the one that called it “The Perfect Storm” on air in the first place.

I’ll miss the geeky technological weather speak on the website and I’ll miss his knowledge and passion about weather. Shame on WHDH for being so shortsighted.

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