The wonkyness of pregnancy

January 8, 2006

I belong to several online pregnancy groups that I really enjoy. I also have great friends that help ALOT. I find it very comforting to know that my aches and pains and weird things going on in my body arent just happening to me.

Pregnancy is the weirdest thing in the world. Very Sci-Fi with an alien being living inside you (yes, I do realize this is our amazing son, but it is still very sci-fi feeling). He wiggles around and if I sit in a manner that squishes him, he’ll kick at me until I sit up and change position. He likes when I eat.. he does a little dance after the gala apple, but he REALLY loves the chocolate (thats mommy’s boy!).

Now at 28 weeks and hitting third trimester, I feel him every day… it is very different from second trimester when at first I didnt feel anything at all.. then just some fluttering.. to just some kicks now and again. Its exciting! and Scary! We’re actually going to have a baby soon! Yikes! Thats ok… Liza and Jill are first and we’ll just learn from them! Then Katrina and Meryl can learn from us! Thats how it goes, right? Although Katrina is SO close to being due at the same time that we could have babies at the same time! Maybe we schedule late night feeding time conference calls. OK.. I know.. Thats optimistic.

Even with all the fear of the unknown.. Dave and I are excited.. things are being prepared, plans for things are going on. I have a feeling that we’ll be ready and just waiting for a while before he makes his appearence.

Thats ok. We’ll be ready.

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