Still hanging in there

February 28, 2006

I’m feeling huge… I AM HUGE. It is hard to get around and the heartburn/reflux is unbelievable. Sleep is intermittent at best and I find myself exhausted in the afternoon. My feet and hands are swollen (but dont worry, my BP is fine!) and I get winded very easily. Poor Dave, I’m definitely snoring louder and more when I do sleep.

It really is getting harder and harder to go to work.. I called in sick today for the first time since being pregnant. I’m not usually one to call in sick at all, but I really felt that if I pushed myself in today, that I might do more harm than good. Its a shame that in this country, we are so limited to the time we can spend for childbirth. FMLA gives us 12 weeks, not always paid for pregnancy leave (I will say that I work for a great family friendly company, this is a federal issue, not one with my employers). I really want to spend all of that with the new baby and not take time before. In other countries (UK and Canada for sure) you get a year off with 75% of pay (usually your employment kicks in for the rest). That sure would make this at least a little less stressful. I wont even start going into a rant about childcare at this time. Our government seems to go on about family values yet they dont seem to value the family when it comes to this.


We’re only 4-5 weeks away! I keep feeling like we arent ready, like the house isnt ready, that we dont have everything we need, nothing is clean enough or put away enough… but in reality, if we had baby boy tomorrow, we’d be fine and he would be safe and warm and fed and loved. We definitely have the parenting jitters. I know I do for sure. My wonderful husband does an amazing job at reassuring me that everything will be fine. He takes really good care of me and will be an amazing daddy.

I need to hire a cleaning company to just come in here and give this whole place a top to bottom, nook and crannie scrub down.. but thats not in the cards right now! A girl can dream though! I think it is back to the couch for me to do what I need to do today… sleep while I can!

p.s. My friend Olivia is on an amazing adventure in Africa. Her adventures are being blogged HERE and are very addicting. She is having the adventure of a lifetime and I encourage you all to read about it.

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