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April 27, 2006


by request… more pictures

April 23, 2006

what a face

Post Surgery sleep

Alex shares his toys with his kitty cats



April 22, 2006

Alex’s surgery went very well for him. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted because he wasts to be constantly held, so for right now, we’re taking turns sleeping.. though we both went many many hours before sleeping in the first place. We’ve now both had a few sporadic naps.

Alex did great.. but I think at least the next few days are going to be hard.. he’s clearly uncomfortable and all we can give him is Children’s Tylenol.. wish us luck.


awww mom

April 14, 2006


finally here!

April 6, 2006

On Monday, March 27th, Dave and I went to my regular OB appointment at 3:30pm. The doctor checked me and I told her I had been cramping off and on throughout the day. When she checked me, I was 2-3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. She suggested we go to Labor & Delivery to get monitored to see if there was any progresssion and they would make the decision there as to whether or not I should stay.

When we got to L&D, we were put into a triage room to be checked and monitored. Baby was doing great and I was progressing slightly. I could definitely feel some contractions now. After about 2 hours, the doctor said that he’d like to keep us overnight. I actually said that I would prefer to labor at home for a while if he thought we were moving slowly instead of just laying in a hospital room while not much was happening.

Dave and I grabbed some take out and went home to eat in front of the TV. I gulped down some food and really started to feel some contractions… so we started timing things. I labored at home for a few hours before deciding that the pain was getting pretty intense and maybe we should go in. So we called the doctor and he said to come right in. Upon getting there, we were immediately put into a labor and delivery room.

at this time I was a little over 4 cm dilated, 90% effaced.. baby was doing great. Contractions were definitely more painful and my pelvic floor was excruciating. We got the epidural started at this point and I started to feel better. For a little while. The epidural wasnt strong enough after a while and I was feeling so much pressure in my pelvic floor. They came in and gave me something different/more and I started to feel better… for a little while.

I labored for about 10 more hours not progressing past 5-6 cm dilation and the baby wasnt moving down. After about 15 hours of labor it was decided I needed a c-section to get the baby out. I was whisked into an OR room, with Dave and during the procedure the doctor said that my pelvic bone structure was preventing the baby from moving into my vaginal canal and this was evidently the only way he was going to come out. 20 minutes later (and me not feeling a thing) Alexander Fox was born at 11:54 am on March 28th. 7 pounds, 10 ounces, 20 inches long. I was in tears and they immediately brought him to me and Dave for kisses and Dave was able to be with him and cut the cord. Dave also helped weigh him and give him his first bath and take care of him while I was recovering from the surgical procedure.

He is so beautiful and amazing and we are so incredibly happy.

ps.. think it was the eggplant parm??????