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I love my daddy

June 24, 2006


Here comes the sun

June 11, 2006

Is it really possible that the sun is really shining outside today? After so much rain its hard to believe the sky is actually blue!

We’re expecing our friends Dave and Larisa and minute now and the plans definitely include some outside wandering. I’m sure Alex will be excited to have some fresh air!

Last night we had Paul and Beth over with Paul’s parents who are in from Wales. Rita also joined us sans Dave since he was out of town. Beth cooked a delicious meal of roast lamb, 2 different kinds of potatoes and english peas. It was delicious.

Alex has been fussy. Although he is showing the classic signs of teething, it has got to be way too early for that. We’re handling it though.. and I’m just going to say it and hope that putting it out there doesnt jinx it.. but he’s been sleeping MUCH better at night. Now he’s only getting up once for food. He’s been doing a great 9pm to 4am stretch. We’re getting the hang of the parenting thing.. but now that we have the hang of it, I’m sure he’s going to switch things up on us to keep us on our toes.

Its so amazing watching him discover things for the first time. His eyesight is getting better and can see if we are in the room with him. He can also see the kitty cats now.. though I’m not quite sure he knows what they are. He is in the beginning stages of actually interacting with his toys. He can hold a rattle now but doesnt really know what to do with it so I have to show him every time. He sure does like to kick alot. I think that Liza told me something about a keyboard she got for Noah specifically made for kicking babies.. I bet Alex would like something like that.

I’m enjoying being back at work.. I’m super busy there.. but thats ok. I’m only working half days right now which is nice. I am able to get things done like grocery shopping without having to lug poor Alex around in a shopping cart.

Well.. time to make my famous cilantro potato salad for dinner tonight so it has time to chill before we eat!


new domain!

June 3, 2006

Well.. now you can go to and get here too! It is a much easier URL to give out!

now more cute pictures…


Photos by Aunt Amy

June 2, 2006

The infamous Aunt Amy* came to visit.. I share her with Liz L sometimes. We had a great time and she brought an old friend and co-worker with her whom I was also very happy to see. Dave even let us have a girls night out where we enjoyed drinks and lots of yummy seafood.

I started back to work this week on a part time basis.. it wasnt so bad but I miss my sweet boy when I am there. I kind of like that right now I go to work in the morning and use my brain and then I have all afternoon with little Alexander.

Here are a couple pictures that Aunt Amy* took.

* Amy is not really Alex’s aunt.. he has an Aunt Jen, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Maya and Auntie Mimi.. but sometimes friends can be aunts too 🙂