Photos by Aunt Amy

June 2, 2006

The infamous Aunt Amy* came to visit.. I share her with Liz L sometimes. We had a great time and she brought an old friend and co-worker with her whom I was also very happy to see. Dave even let us have a girls night out where we enjoyed drinks and lots of yummy seafood.

I started back to work this week on a part time basis.. it wasnt so bad but I miss my sweet boy when I am there. I kind of like that right now I go to work in the morning and use my brain and then I have all afternoon with little Alexander.

Here are a couple pictures that Aunt Amy* took.

* Amy is not really Alex’s aunt.. he has an Aunt Jen, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Maya and Auntie Mimi.. but sometimes friends can be aunts too 🙂

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