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Ailment Stew

July 8, 2006

When we go to daycare, we bring the “medicine bag”. Tylenol, gas drops, teething tablets, reflux medicine and orajel. I feel like we’ve got so much going on with him!

Last week the doc switched Alex’s reflux medicine. This past week has been hard on me and Dave. Alex has been getting up every 2-3 hours crying. Mommy and Daddy are very tired. We were lulled into the false comfort of his new almost-through-the-night pattern until this started.

When the baby is crying, how do you know which “thing” is making him cry? Is it the teething? Is the new reflux medicine not working? We called the doc on thursday because he wanted us to check in about the new medicine and I said to the nurse “I have no idea if it is working”. He’s crying and really fussy, but how do I know if it is the teething or reflux?

Today we really took the time to try to figure it out. He’s spitting up more (reflux, check!), he has sudden reflexes that seem like a reflux reaction and he screams when he has them (reflux, check!).. and sometimes he seems to scream out in pain when nothing has happened (reflux, check!). We called the doc (yup, its Saturday. I love my pediatricians office) and they put us back on the original reflux medicine, but at a higher dosage because of his weight, and only twice a day instead of 3x a day.

I hope this works. The worst is seeing him so obviously in pain and uncomfortable. He was so much better on the original medicine but he HATED the taste of it (Mint.. who makes an infant medicine in a mint flavor that cant be masked??!! Zantac!).

Next up? Teething. He is SO teething… even the doctor confirmed it. At 13 weeks, it is slightly early… but what can you do? Teething hurts. Hurting babies scream. Screaming babies dont sleep. Great. We give him tylenol during the day and motrin at night. We have Hyland’s teething tablets (Thanks to Two Pink Lines into Motherhood!), frozen wash cloths, refrigerated teething rings and mommy and daddy’s (clean) fingers. I think we’ll know better once the reflux is controlled but so far he still seems quite unhappy.

So wish us luck this upcoming week. Hopefully the Zantac will bring the reflux back under control, the teething tablets, etc. will work and we’ll all get some much needed rest. Even more important though.. I hope poor little Alex will feel better.