August 16, 2006

We had a great time in NYC! We had a really fun playdate with Henry and the boys were perfect angels! Henry was so cute that Alex tried to eat him!

Now it is back to the grind.. We are really tired these days too.. hopefully we’ll maybe get a little sleep this weekend. I hope.

Alex has a new sleeping position.. he is sleeping on his tummy (he turns over that way, our pediatrician says it is fine because he can roll and lift his head VERY well) and he has his butt in the air. It is quite cute.

We did receive some bad news today.. Kali, our blue/gray cat, who I have had since before I met Dave, is 8 years old. He has Chronic Kidney Disease. We have to change his diet and get him checked again in a few months.. if his kidney levels stay the same, we keep doing what we are doing. If he gets worse, we’ll have to start with sub-cutaneous fluid injections. Kali is our little monkey and we will do everything we can to keep him healthy and thriving. He does not show any signs of sickness at all.. we only found out because we took hm for a checkup and his “senior” tests.

and on a happier note.. I leave you with a photo…



  1. BEAUTIFUL eyes! 🙂

  2. Very cute. What’s he looking at? 🙂

  3. FNOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s looking at people walking by outside the cafe!

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