We’re sitting up… and its pumpkin season

September 17, 2006



  1. Dear Alex,

    Isn’t sitting up da bomb? I can’t believe how much more there is to see!!! Only those silly grownups keep putting me on my back to change my diaper, which I hate.

    Look out for falling, though. It really hurts, now that your head is way up in the air like that. (But hey, did you know that you can milk the crying thing? You’d be amazed!)

    See you soon, buddy!


  2. Dear Noah,

    I’ve got the crying thing DOWN. You should try squeeling.. its pretty effective.

    Luckily, Mommy usually sits me up and stays close so she can catch me. I’ve only fallen a few times and it was on soft pillows.

    Tell your mommies to help you stand up.. now THERE is a view!



  3. Dear Alex,

    The standing thing with a mommy is pretty fun, but you should also try it against furniture! It’ll scare the (*#$ out of your parents, I promise.

    If you have anything with sharp edges, like a step-stool, there’s nothing better. Mine seem to have hidden it somewhere called a garage, which I’m trying to find.

    I’m also really enjoying the great taste of lint, hair, and objects too small to be seen by an adult eye, from the floor. This solid “food” thing rocks.


  4. Dear Noah,

    Dude, my parents would FREAK if I pulled myself up on furniture! They havent even “babyproofed” the house yet! I’m still young so I dont really pull up yet, I’m still kickin’ it old school with the sitting thing.

    I totally dig you on the taste of lint and hair! We also have cat hair which is mmm nummy!

    I must look for items wioth these “sharp edges” you speak of.. we must have some somewhere!

    You know what is also funny? Squirming and rolling so much that it makes it VERY difficult for mommy and daddy to put a diaper on me or get me dressed. Its SO funny! You should do that with your mommies too.. but you’re older and more experienced, so I supposed this is just kid stuff to you.


  5. Alex,

    What is this “babyproofing” of which you speak? It sounds ominous. Do you think it has anything to do with the “baby gates” languishing by my front door for the last few weeks?

    I say kickin it old school with the squirming thing is classic. It never gets old. Nothing I’ve come up with yet makes my mommies crazier! (Can you do the move where they get one pant-leg on, then you pull out if it just as they get the other leg on? That one’s my favorite.)

    If you can wiggle enough to roll in your own poop, you’ll see moves outta them you never even imagined!

    I can’t wait to try this “cat hair” — I’m always looking for the next thing in mmm nummy.


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