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September 30, 2006

Lots going on. Alex has turned six months old. SIX months old. I can hardly believe it. He’s such an amazing little boy.. and his laugh just melts me every time. He has a great personality and loves his daddy SO much. He’s getting so big and now weighs almost 16 pounds. He’s taken to solid foods like a champ and especially likes peaches, squash. sweet potatoes, apple/chicken mixture and bananas. I think he prefers the oatmeal over the rice cereal.

Poor little guy is getting teeth.. one has popped through.. and another is close. This hurts. How do I know? He is CLEARLY in pain. He screams with the pain so much sometimes that it hurts US. Last night was the worst we’ve seen so far. Motrin seems to help some.. as do frozen bananas (or peaches) in a mesh feeder.. but only if he can stand to have something in his mouth. Right now he’s chewing on rubber butterflies but he’s still crying. We’re waiting for the Motrin to kick in and hopefully he’ll fall asleep. Last night (daddy’s turn to get up, of course) he slept through the night (which he does sometimes).. tonight it is my turn.. which generally means he wont sleep through the night because thats just how it works.(it is now about 30 minutes later, the crying got unconsolable so we take turns rocking him and humming to him, Dave has him upstairs right now. He did also get his 6 month shots on Friday so this could also be a reason for the extra crying and crankiness)

Today we went into our old neighborhood in Jamaica Plain to their annual Open Studios. The old neighborhood has changed alot and we miss it a little because of some of the places we like but I still like it up here in Salem better. Besides being a little more affordable, I really like being a little more spread out. JP is just so crowded with people and the homes are so close together. I like our big back yard here. We saw an old friend of Dave’s so it was nice to catch up a bit.

We started a fun Wishlist/Christmas/Hanukkah/gift list for Alex. There are just some things we need (like a new carseat already) and want and this helps us keep track of what we like. It’s fun.. I’ve always liked wishlists.. its like fantasy shopping… but not as unattainable as my new car and owning a house fantasies.

I think Dave finally has Alex calm and hopefully sleeping… which means I can finally make dinner for us (at 8:15 at night). Here is a picture of our handsome six month old…



  1. I can’t decide if I love you or hate you for that wishlist. Those dragon shoes are the cutest things EVER. And Noah needs shoes. 😛

  2. Dragon shoes rock! And they breath fire too…

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