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October 7, 2006

Most of you know I have spent most of my life in the music world. First I went to school to get a degree in Audio Engineering and Media Studies and then I did everything imaginable to immerse my life in music. When I moved to NYC, I worked for EMI Music Group/Capitol Records for 7 years.

Upon having a baby.. I was in search for children’s music that wasn’t.. children’s music. I wanted real music made for children… there is a BIG difference.

In the last few days I have made some great finds! The first is a blog called Children’s Music That Rocks written by a man named Warren Truitt who is the Children’s Librarian in the greatest library in the world (NYC Public Library, of course!). This is a man who, I swear, is my personal recomendation machine.

The second is an artist named Elizabeth Mitchell. Seriously, where has this woman been my whole life? What a beautiful voice. This CD called “You Are my Little Bird” is full of fun covers that are very sweetly done. The covers are sometimes surprising, like her version of The Velvet Underground’s “What Goes On”

These are 2 samples from the album.. I strongly encourage all of you to go right out and buy this CD for everyone you know..really

This one is Little Liza Jane which is SO cute…

This is the song that hooked me in..

Seriously.. go buy it.. NOW.

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