March 11, 2007

I know I’m not posting much… sorry!

My big thing right now… besides Alex turning ONE soon .. is…

Any tips for flying on an airplane with a one year old?????

and here are some phots from this morning of our big guy!



  1. We’re flying to AZ just 8 days after H’s first birthday.
    I’m bringing the Benadryl. Just in case!

  2. I cant believe our babies are going to be one!

    Yeah.. we’re bringing the benedryl too.

  3. Based on traveling with Noah at 10.5 months:

    * a bunch of cheap but safe-looking toys from the dollar store, still in their packages, brought out one at a time.
    * individual plastic grocery bags with a diaper, a baggie of wipes, and a clean outfit or onesie. Make up 2-3 and take them in your diaper bag.
    * change of clothes for you, probably for Dave too. When Noah puked on me, I had a clean shirt in the bag, but no clean pants. 😦

  4. Oh yeah, and if either of you are still using baby carriers, I recommend trying to use them at the airport.

    I was allowed to go through security wearing Noah on my back in the Ergo — although I did have to take off his shoes. But it gave me 2 free hands for luggage/tickets/etc.

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