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April 27, 2008

The weather has been really nice. It has been a long cold winter and finally FINALLY we were able to spend time outdoors. We even bought a new grill and I dont think we have cooked anything but steamed veggies, some potatoes and breakfasts inside at all. It has been nice to not wear a jacket or a coat.. but as it is here in the NorthEast, it was a tease. An evil, cruel joke… and Mother Nature laughs at us. This coming week will not break 60 degrees and at least tomorrow will be very wet.

I will continue to patiently wait for it to actually be spring.. but I KNOW we will soon have a steady stream of warm days.. I see flowers and leaves on trees.. I know it is here.

With the warm weather comes.. THE PLAYGROUND. Thank goodness! I love being able to get out of the house with Alex and just run around! We have been able to do alot of that.. and were especially happy to have a day to run around with Tex and Beth and their adorable son Spencer when they were here visiting from Chicago. We miss them a whole lot and were thrilled to spend some time with them. I dont know what happened with us.. but we didnt seem to take pictures that day.. I’m going to wait for Beth to post the ones she took!

Prior to their visit, we had a very warm and wonderful Saturday. This first day out and about was certainly an adventure.. Alex ran wild for over 2 hours straight.

He was climbing everything! His friend Zane (and Zane’s daddy and brother) met us at Forest River Park and they just all went nuts.

of course.. we all got in on the action. I think Dave and I each climbed the tower for the big loopy slide about 15-20 times… it was a beautiful day and it was a blast.

So after a few hours we walked home and figured we should give Alex some lunch and hopefully get him down for a nap. Napping has been a struggle lately because he just wants to hang out.

So we made him some lunch and Dave was doing some dishes.. I ran in the our office to.. umm.. twitter… and I heard “Honey? Can you come here?” I rounded the corner to find…

Yup. Fast asleep on the table with his lunch.

I scooped him up carefully and tucked him in to bed where he took a crazy 2.5 hour nap. That boy was TIRED.

Boy am I glad the weather is warming up.



  1. Holy cow.

    That is some hard core cuteness.

    Could Alex please share some of that ability to sleep with Noah? Pretty please?

  2. I dont want to jinx it but Alex has only recently started sleeping through the night again.

    He completely stopped sleeping through the night at 18 months and only slept through the night about half the time between 9 months and 18 months.

    I just resigned myself to the fact that we just didnt have a good sleeper.

    I’m sending sleep vibes your way!

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