We’ve got the whole wide world in our yard to explore

January 16, 2009

After being in the home we live in now for 4.5 years, we are moving. Not by choice, mind you. Our landlords have asked us to vacate the property so they can give it to their daughter who has fallen on tough economic times. I cant blame them, but it does make me a little sad. This is the home we celebrated getting pregnant in. The home we brought our infant boy home to. This is the only home he’s ever known. I’ll miss our big yard, our gas stove and being so close to our wonderful neighbors and a short walk away from Forest River Park. We’re still staying in the same town, but now we’ll be in a new and different location.

Oh there are things I wont miss.. the peeling lead paint on the ceiling of the bathroom, the non-insulated freezing cold walls in the winter that turn our home into a literal icebox, the worrying about Alex being too loud for our elderly downstairs neighbor (whom we adore and she has never said anything was a problem, she loves Alex), the windows that dont quite fit right in their places. I could probably make a long list.

The new place is very nice. Brand new construction that noone has ever lived in before, a townhouse with noone below us or above us, attached garage, open floor plan, giant garden style bathtub, granite countertops, fireplace. It has its flaws and we’re paring down to fit into it (its a little crazy that we cant fit in it, we’re purging alot) but ultimately we’ll be happy there for a year or two.

As a renter I shouldnt get attached.. but its emotionally hard to leave our home, even with its many flaws.

and the moving part.. the physical packing and moving.. sucks. But here is to new beginnings!


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