Sharing History with Friends

January 20, 2009

What an amazingly hopeful day.

With the swearing in of our 44th President, Barack Obama, I feel a new hope for our nation. A brightness for my son’s future. Sometimes during the Inauguration ceremony I found it hard to hold back tears of joy and of hope.

I was able to watch the ceremonies from a conference room in my office with many of my co-workers. We all shared in the excitement of the moment… and the silliness of Aretha Franklin’s hat (Mama is the queen, but oh that hat was BAD).

After work, a friend called and said she just wasnt ready to go home yet, so she grabbed her wife and child, I grabbed Alex, messaged Dave about where to meet us and we went to the pub. I left a facebook status update about where I was going and before I knew it, people were just showing up! Including an old friend I probably havent seen in a good 2 years. It was wonderful to toast together with friends and share in each others happiness.

I think I’d like to package this feeling and open it up when I need a little inspiration. Anyone with me on that?

photo used with creative commons licence from redstamp.com
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