Tales of cardboard and newspaper

February 5, 2009

movingboxesThe moving has begun.

We are moving across town here in Salem to a brand spankin’ new townhouse. We’ve been packing for what seems like forever and now we are in that point in time where half our things are at the new house, and half our things are at the old house. Saturday is truck day and Dave with three of our friends, will move the furniture.

I hate moving. Does anyone really like the process of moving? We are ready to be settled into the new place and make our home there. Right now it all just seems chaotic, frantic, and well, just plain messy.

I am anxious to set up the new kitchen, with its shiny granite and stainless steel.. I’m ready to break it in.
I am ready to take a long luxurious bath in our new giant tub
I am looking forward to unpacking and organizing

We are ready to be in our new home.

See you on the flip side!

photo used by creative commons license from flickr user Mpopp

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  1. I enjoy moving…throwing crap out, organizing new things, putting things where they go…but I hate the PROCESS! I just want to wave my hand and be done with it! Hope it goes smoothly!

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