As the world turns

April 22, 2009

chef alex

With the new house set-up, I’m not on my main computer as much. Its been mighty cold in the office but now that the weather is warming up, I hope to find more time to come down and catch up.

Work has been busy.. a very large and important project that I am thrilled to be a part of.. but it definitely keeps me busy elsewhere in internet land.

Alex is amazing and wonderful and is such a big boy now. His knowledge and language and skills amaze me on a daily basis. He LOVES being in the kitchen cooking with me, which I sincerely adore. We’ve been doing alot of baking, which is not my best skill, but Alex loves it so I give it my best shot, even if it has to come from a mix because it is a joy to work in the kitchen with him. Funny, all of our cookies and brownies and cupcakes seem to all have M&Ms and sprinkles in them. I bet you cant guess who’s choice those embellishments are.

We’ve been busy socially as well. We spend alot of time with our dear friends Dave and Rita, We’ve had a few playdates for Alex, my mom came to visit and our friends Beth and Paul had a sweet little baby boy. Alex has also been taking swimming lessons at the Salem YMCA and just this past week, swam across the pool TWICE by himself. We’re so proud! We sure do love swimming with him.

Spring is warming up and I cant wait for more warm weather adventures to share!

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