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July 22, 2009

I’ve been spending time on my other project, blogging at one of my other blogs, so this space has been sadly neglected. My apologies for the absence.

I still think about my last post, and it is still true. I watch my little guy growing up.. and it is simultaneously exciting and heartbreaking. He is growing so independent, and we are so proud of him.. but I want it all to slow down, for my baby to be my baby for a little while longer. Sometimes I hope that noone notices the tear in my eye as I watch him and cheer him on when he masters a new skill. My baby is growing up so fast.

Speaking of Alex’s independence and growing up… There have been many adventures during this very rainy summer. One of which was a great trip to the New Haven area to visit some friends. Kat and hubby have been best friends for years, since college. She and her hubby got married just before Dave and I did. Strangely (and wonderfully), we had our boys within hours of each other. Their son S is much further down the potty training trail than we have been. We had this great idea that Alex would go with S every time he needed to use the potty. So Alex watched, and tried (never really went, but great effort by Kat and S!). When we got home, we continued to try, Alex was MUCH more interested in it since he saw S doing it (bonus!).

I am happy to report that the progress is now MUCH greater! He’s been using the potty every day (and his diapers stay dry) for the last 2 days! We’re so proud of our little guy!

and if I may also pat myself on the back.. I also mastered a new skill. I cooked a duck. A delicious, delicious duck. I’ve always been scared of the duck, but I am happy to report that using a great tutorial, I managed to be incredibly successful at it. The skin was crispy and I made a sauce from raspberries we picked ourselves (there has been alot of fruit picking on our agenda this summer!) and invited friends over to dinner. Huge success! Also, fried up some potatoes in the duck fat. Very decadent and I cant wait to do it again. You can see the photo of this amazing creation here.

a note about integrity… There has been alot of backlash against, mostly, parenting bloggers. Now I consider myself a blogger.. although I mostly blog on topics elsewhere that dont have anything to do with my parenting status.. I do consider myself a mom who is a blogger. Now if that makes you call me a ‘mommyblogger’ then so be it, I am not offended by that title, though I believe it narrows the scope of what I am, I am proud to be a mom. I am also a tech blogger, a social media blogger, a marketing blogger and a local Boston area blogger, so call me what you will. I do not receive compensation for posts, nor do I receive free products for reviews or endorsement. If I did, I would be honest and upfront about that. There is a great post about integrity here and I have signed up. I encourage you all to blog with integrity too, it is important that we keep ourselves honest with our communities and with each other.




  1. A great thing about having the boys be (exactly) the same age is that I know WE are also going through alot of the same things as their mommies! I, too, become a weepy mess when I think about Sol growing up. It’s as if every achievement means he is more of an independent person capable of taking care of himself (yay!) but it also means he’s less of a baby, MY baby (boo!). I think that toddlers teach each other certain things like potty training at least as much as we teach them. Sol totally learned that it’s a normal, ok thing for him to use the potty from his toddler friend, and I think a part of that was observing just how a little person like himself would use the potty! Sounds like Alex will soon be showing off his mad potty skillz to his friends soon!

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