Well well.. a push to post

March 4, 2010

Lookie lookie here.. a post? Why its been so long, surely you’ve forgotten me by now.

There has been so much.. good stuff.. going on in the last six months I’ve hardly had time to slow down. So sit down, grab a cup of tea (a glass of wine? a pint of beer? Maybe a cookie, or in my case a low fat, sugar free treat) and I’ll catch you up.

We paid off most of our debt. A HUGE accomplishment for us. And then? Bigger debt. Thats right, we bought our first house. Its a sweet thing in spooky Salem with a lot of space, and a big backyard, a garage we actually park our car in, a fireplace, water views, and walkable to the commuter rail station and downtown Salem. We love it! We’ll love it even more if we can ever actually get completely unpacked and everything put away. All in due time.

My job has evolved.. Its a great project that we just launched live this past Monday. Its been a lot of hard work but we are proud of what we accomplished and the community seems to think its great too. Now comes the feeding and caring, not unlike a child.

Speaking of children, Alex is.. amazing. So smart, so sweet, so funny, so active, so wonderful. He still doesnt sleep and sometimes we are delirious, but we figure that this too shall pass. Ok, we thought he’d sleep through the night MUCH earlier than his 4th birthday but still. We are still accepting tips and ideas, though none of them have worked so far and I’m pretty sure we have tried everything.

We are looking forward to coming out of the cocoon in the warm weather, meeting the neighbors, enjoying our backyard and inviting all of our friends and family over to the new house. Oh and I lost 35 pounds so far on a quest to be healthier.. more to come.


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  1. Hooray! Keep on posting!

    You’ll likely never completely unpack. We’ve been in our house nearly 10 years, and I am certain there are boxes downstairs that I’ve not touched in that long.

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