They’re whispering about me in the halls… but in a good way (this time)

March 8, 2010

So I mentioned in my last post that I lost 35 pounds. 35 pounds since October 18th. Not too shabby. How am I doing it? Weight Watchers.. but not the points thing, I dont want to do math when I eat. I’m doing what they used to call Core (cool) but now call the Simply Filling Method (stupid).

Basically.. you have a list of food.. and you can eat from that list. Anything not on that list you have to count points for. MUCH easier. But WW doesnt talk about this plan and they keep it hidden. I’ve always wondered why because THIS plan? This plan is really about eating healthier foods and to me thats what losing weight and getting healthy is about.

I would think that this plan, which is always ALWAYS the only way I lose weight, would be more out there in the open. Its a much smarter way to lose weight and keep it off because it teaches you to eat healthier foods on a regular basis. I mean, isn’t that the real point? We’re always taught that if a ‘diet’ is going to work, it needs to be a lifestyle change. Well, I dont think that doing math when I eat anything I want is really going to work if I dont change my habits of eating those bad foods in the first place.

Weight Watchers, you confuse me. This plan could be a big success for you, if only you let people know about it.When you look at this page, which is where you get to when you click “How the plan works” you dont see ANYTHING about the Simply Filling method. I think thats just crazy.

Losing weight is hard. And sometimes I hate it. A lot. But I feel better, and I’m shopping in my own closet and fitting into clothing I havent worn in some time. I have more energy (well besides that whole sleeping issue my kiddo has) and I just.. feel better. I no longer take reflux meds daily. I am healthier.

Oh but dont let me fool you.. I do have that occasional piece of cake, or pizza, or.. whatever. I am just learning how to balance everything better and thats a better eating lifestyle for me.


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  1. Givin’ you a W00t! W00t! Way to go, LPW. xo

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